Products and Services

Superior Products and Services for Soil Erosion Management

Maj’s Services, Inc. offers a variety of high-quality products for all of our services. We will work with you to find the best product that fits your needs. What makes us stand out is our quality and our commitment to the environment. Where other general labor services in Michigan and around the country ignore environmental concerns, it is a high priority in all projects we take on. Maj’s Services, Inc. is one of the few soil erosion companies that is MDOT certified and we are approved to install fencing on all Michigan highways and Interstates.

Soil Erosion Control

  • Silt Fence 2′, 3′, MDOT specifications
  • Wire Back Silt Fence — (Silt fence with 4×4 wire reinforcement)
  • Erosion Eels— (silt fence, wattles, etc.) & Check Dams — reusable and made from recycled rubber. Pros: Quick to install and remove for construction access, reusable, no trenching, or soil disturbance involved. Cons: Can be more expensive per foot for silt fence.
  • Inlet Protection
    • Siltsack — designed to filter most pollutants from storm drains. Pros: Quick to install, reusable with weekly maintenance, and dumping. Cons: can break when removing if not maintained regularly or after a rain event.
    • FleXstorm — Designed for low point inlets. Pros: Quick to install, reusable with minimal maintenance. Cons: Made specific to each individual grate number.
    • Filter Fabric — high-flow fabric placed under the grate. Pros: inexpensive and quick to install. Cons: short term solution and life span, not reusable, hard to remove without compromising the storm drain.
  • Winter Installation — Available
  • Maintenance, Removal, and Disposal
  • Construction Fence
    • Orange or Green Safety Fence
    • Wood Slat Snow Fence
  • Site Maintenance & General Labor
    • Brush Clearing
    • Site & Lot Mowing
    • Weed Whipping
    • Site Clean Up
    • Minor Interior & Exterior Demolition
  • Restoration
    • Minor Grading/Soil Preparation
    • Erosion Blankets
    • Hydroseed
    • Straw Blowing
  • Stump Grinding -Stump grinding is the most efficient and non-invasive way to remove stumps. The tree stump is ground below the surface depending on the clients need. Our stump grinder is small enough to go thru a 3 foot gate or opening, but large enough handle any size stump efficiently.